Not a .net Junkie, yet

Half-Life 2   s gravity gun is capable of turn...

I have been asked to begin making a gradual move into the .net languages, as there was a recent organizational change where my manager no longer works with Perl as much as he used to and wants to take me along with him to make sure his life is easy. But making the migration into the .net frame of mind is something i haven’t actually touched in a while and my friends seem to have forgotten what it was like to be a student. I on the other hand am still in school and well appreciate the utility of my abilities.

On the other hand, i could just freak out and buy up a bunch of O’Rielly books…

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The stats are in!

Despite the 8 hours of downtime a few days ago, things went extremely well for in the month of June. Our unique visitors are up 55% from the month of May, and they brought an added 32% more visits to the site, which is grand! We are on our third month of 50% growth of user base and I couldn’t be happier. Gneu is still maturing and will continue to do so as I really begin to flesh things out over the next couple months and rehash some of the sites more lightly supported items (like documentation and design).

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