Features of Strong Test Frameworks

In the previous article I made the case for Automated Testing. Today we will talk about the tools.

  • What qualities does a strong testing framework have?
  • What guidelines should developers use when choosing one?
  • Why do those guidelines matter?
  • What tools would I recommend?

I will use the terms Harness, Framework and Library interchangeably. Be warned.

All of this and more, after a few choice bold words, a digit, a hash, and a hyphen.

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thar be Framewarks hyar?

this weekend I was in a limbo, bouncing in-between coding and studying for my final, which I aced thank you… All of the work I put into the event system back in the day was finally brought to fruition, allowing me to build an entire module in only an hour. The OOP module system that I put together, while far from flawless, has more than served its purpose in speeding up my development and allowing me to stay true to the charges I had made back in December. The question is, when will I be done with Audrey, or more so, when will she be done with me?

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