The Ladies: When did they enter your life?

Dear Bob,

When did you have your first girlfriend? I have been reading a lot lately about how true geeks end up building their first computers, establishing a project and eventually hitting a cornerstone where they eventually get over themselves and find a girl that will put up with them. So when did you get yours dude?

Inquiring {Ivan}

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Why I don’t have a webcam.


For some reason there are a number of you viewers who have written to me over the last couple months about getting a webcam for my room so you could watch me as I work… far too hard I might add …on my game, applications, utilities etc, or just plain gaming. I have been thinking about this for quite some time, and I am fairly certain that this wont be happening any time soon, and don’t plan for it to happen in the future. There are many reasons for this to be, but ill highlight a couple of them.

1) You really don’t want to watch me masturbate.

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Letter to the HL2 Mod Community

I began modding Source in January of 2005. I spent just about every day of the next two years doing everything in my power, free time permitting, to help the amateur modders get accustomed to the drama and pure unadulterated bullshit that was lurking just out of their sight. I was there when the community came together and I have been here watching it dwindle into the dark corner of the room that no one dares look. There is no doubt in my mind that the Source Engine is feeling under used, under appreciated and sad. More shocking to me, even though I have more than devoted two years of my life to it, a dark portion of my heart is very glad to see it as such.

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Chronicles of Swallowbush – An exercise in user tracking

Users – we have all been one at some point in our lives. The concept of being one is very straight forward. We users navigate to a site and are unknowingly a part of a case study being conducted by a person or group of people controlling the website we have chosen to land on. Our habits, search phrases, and personal information (I’m not talking credit cards…) are all subject to the developer’s needs and intelligence; if they choose to keep track of who I am and what I like on their site it will be very beneficial to them. This is the first in a possible series of more technical journeys into Swallowbush, and PHP in general. I plan to open up the door to show you how and why things are tracked, and what benefit you can take from that. Continue reading “Chronicles of Swallowbush – An exercise in user tracking”