Trying not to burn my Cake

I am working on a revision of the plan i had with GManager that i will share shortly, once i get it peer reviewed, that will be leveraging many libraries that i had previously ignored for lack of experience i suppose. The new revision is looking to be quicker to develop, depending on the speed at which i read through my cook book!

the options will be either CodeIgniter or CakePHP

heh, ill be in touch.


UT3 Packaging – 94% Complete

Last night was another fabulously productive evening. I spent the better part of the evening implementing the process that I have grown to hate of grabbing all of my mutators’ information and loading it into an application so it could quickly package the release and let me have a simple process again. So far it is really limited, as I have some pretty strict standards and practices that I follow when naming files, but it works – That being the most important thing. Assuming you choose to follow my standards as well you will find it works for you just as well.

So far the requirements are the .net runtime (I am assuming this to be 2.0 but I don’t know. I’m not using any of the nifty tools or anything.) & 7-Zip, and it is quite simple as it had to complement my development process by making things easier, rather than complicating things. Continue reading “UT3 Packaging – 94% Complete”

Specialization – Enjoy it

I read an article a while ago, but it never really occurred to me how important it really is. In my philosophy class yesterday we got into a discussion about human nature and how Hobbes was focused on the idea that man is selfish, in all situations and thereby needs a strong government to control them and keep them civil. John Locke, one of our founding philosophers has a different idea, that people are civil because they are forced to be good-natured and need to work together in order to form societies.

Working together implies separating tasks, specialization and segregation. As a developer this means that I will not be able to, and technically don’t need to, do everything. I can ignore some aspects of the development and rely on other peoples libraries and instead focus on bringing together the ideas that are more abstract and interesting, like bringing together my game ideas.

Specialization seems to be one of those topics that gets a lot of bad wrap, and probably because of the net bubble popping and how the super saturated environment took a nose dive because no one knew much of anything. Specialization seems to have brought itself back into the spotlight in software development because there are far too many people trying to accomplish far too much, and those who have decided to only be eight trick ponies seem to be able to push through the fray.