Hello Everyone,

some of the users and early morning readers may have noticed that there are some changes coming to gneu.org in the near future. The podcast that I have been a guest on for the last long while, maybe 6-9 months, is undergoing a change of face, and as things are changing I am going to be reskinning the entire website for them as a celebration. In testing I realized that the default drupal skin really didn’t do this site justice. As much as a couple of you may hate it I am going to be screwing with the templates around gneu as well, and hopefully bringing mediawiki, mantis, dotproject, and phpbb into the party, although that is certainly not as easy a task as changing drupal is. Ill keep you posted, keep those visits rolling and ill be posting some updates as time continues to flow.

Downtime? What?

Yesterday, an unfortunate discovery lead to an unfortunate mishap lead which lead to a great discovery and later to another unfortunate mishap. The initial mishap was indeed as terrible as you would have thought, and in some ways it shows how important it is to put proper error checking into your website, and in others it is showing how a user interacting with a website can quickly join the statistic of people who have no ability to use your application and say its too hard. You may be wondering what happened to my site yesterday between 5pm and 10pm, and if you are, be calmed in knowing that it was entirely my fault and I have been working on a few steps to help avoid that in the future. I deleted my database.

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First experiences with drupal

Drupal install – no more than five minutes
Drupal configuration – no more than 10 minutes…

Time spent gazing at the billions of options that drupal has that i now can take advantage of… hours.

All and all i must say that drupal has been the nicest install package for what it does. The most tricky part of the install was trying to remember my ftp username & password. I sat here thinking about the millions of things that i have been bottling up inside, unable to release to the perils of the net. I have been in development of the project management system and a number of other apps that might be of use, they will all be available soon, so keep your eyes open.