GneuManager Milestones screaming into view…

I have had a very significant weekend to report about, namely in regards to GneuManager, but also a quick note about another of my projects. I got a couple emails this fine day asking about GneuManager being used, publicly, and I am letting you all know here and now that I intend to keep GneuManager Free to use for as long as the net allows. I have no plans to monetize it as of yet, and actually find the subject a bit revolting, however, I recognize that there need to be some means to pay for the site and all of the time that I put into these things, so be aware that in the future some of the apps I build may become monetized.

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My New Database Class

In order to take full advantage of the features that PHP 5 offers, I have taken to refactoring the database class. Took me about 6 hours to get it all switched over and boy is it simpler and nicer to look at. Admittedly, my previous code was sub par, but looking at this new code is like laying my eyes on the nude female form for the first time since the last time – It’s simply magical.

New Features:

  1. Proper use of __toString();
  2. Query Statistics for debugging and performance checking
  3. OO route to database interaction

For more information and usage of the classes, consult the wiki.

Changing directions – monumental changes for Gneu and its manager…

I have recently been doing a lot of reading, about Anthropology, taxonomy, and more than anything else, software development. A book you all should give a heft has definitely touched my heart in a number of ways. Dreaming in code – a documentary of the process from conception on of an open source software project called Chandler which is still in development. Many of you may already know that I have been driving my own open source venture, and It’s been just as shaky, if not more so because I have not got the driven individuals to work along side as they do.

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the Programming Drinking Game

In order for something to be taken serious there has to be a drinking game associated with it. That is to say, anything that is seemingly fun alone, but when done in groups is tedious and or boring (or the other way around in a couple situations) needs to have a drinking game associated with it. Sex, diggnation, ping pong, nascar, pool and yes… even drinking have drinking games… I am going to open the doors to the possibility of having a programming drinking game; the emphasis of which is going to fall on the fact that as you become more and more incoherent you are going to have to drink more and more until you pass out on your keyboard.

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