Write Automated Tests

One of the Devs I used to work with has been asking a lot of questions recently, all revolving around what can only be considered the principles I hold dear as a TDD champion. I don’t claim to be a guru, but I hope to be able to start some conversation about the importance of automated testing, some of the principles I hold dear and most of all I intend to engage you readers so I can learn from your experiences and possibly guide you if questions arise.

Let’s dive in.

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Semi-Technical – Intern to the Rescue Episode 93

New and Improved Bacon Flowchart

Occasionally I unearth a problem that I had no idea existed, but in doing so I save the world from something that they never even thought would be happening. Yesterday was one such event, and I saved Broadcom at least a week worth of debugging by spending a couple hours working with cursors and a temp database to check the integrity of our data after a major change to the contents. This is only semi-technical, so bear with me…


I am currently working on a project with high visibility within Broadcom. We have two disparate applications both tracking projects, their revision, a number of other overlapping fields and many other fields that are not shared. We defined one as the Master, because it has uniqueness and a number of data integrity checks, and the other as the Slave. The catch is that we have a many to one mapping between Slave and Master which means we have to look deeper.

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June: No Facebook

The USP MatchIt looks like i may be moving back to Source to help out the FA:S team. As many of you may already know, many of the games that i have worked on over the last decade have been inspired by the work done on FireArms (FA). One of the developers that took part in that project, a guy nick named Maz0r, is someone I’ve idolized for a long time.

He is heading up the programming of FA:S now and i will be working with him =D

Hopefully i wont let him down. =)

I have also found that i am far too interested in my friends events and bullshit on facebook, so in an effort to weed that out of myself im going to be cutting back. June is cold turkey month. I am blocking the website from my browser and redirecting all requests to my blog. Hopefully ill be able to get back to a respectable level of development.

Currently my projects for the summer include updating the VBT plugin, adding a new plugin revolving around libraries and books being read. I am also working on getting resources together for the rewrite of Project White. One good Samaritan has already begun the rewrite of the cover and third person camera.

If all works out, ill also be working on FA:S and helping out on that project. I haven’t touched Source in a while (3 years) but i got it all set up again last night, so things are moving again. Hopefully ill be comfortable as i used to be this week. The only complication i can think of is my Screenwriting class requiring my time. All of my pages (Some 100 pages or so) are due on June 8th. It will be quite difficult, but i think i can make it. I’ve scrapped my scene list a few times, and revised entire segments of it

Life may allow me to get things straight, but it may not. Only time will tell.

Chronicles of Broadcom – How NOT to code

I have been writing a lot lately, unfortunately not in direct relation to my blog or public persona. I have been unable to code properly in the last month and it has been wearing my managers thin. We are trying to add a couple seemingly simple modules to a perl cgi application and I’m running into the age old problem of code complexity being the bane to all existence. I ranted previously about how goofy the code that the previous developer chose to use for the template engine, and I wish that were the end of the train. I have hit a weird stand point. It seems like adding anything to this is a pain. Let’s take a step through the code, together.

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