Hades Progress Report #1

This semester I am taking a game programming and design class. While there have already been a few hiccups and overturned smiles in class there is something to be said for putting the material to use. I am in the process of building a game called Hades, a 2D game about digging that is of similar thread to Minecraft or Terraria, but with a bit more guidance, and of course built by me. 

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Code Example #6 – UT3 Logging Essentials

Below is the library that my team and I use for our UT3 Development. Please feel free to enjoy as well.

All you have to do is include the uci file

`include ({PackageName}/Classes/LibraryMessage.uci)


// Macros for easy calling of Library_Message functions.

`define GetObjectMethodPrefix() self $ "." $ GetFuncName() $ ": "

`define ClientMessage(message) class'LibraryMessage'.static.ClientMessage(self, `message)
`define DebugMessage(message) class'LibraryMessage'.static.DebugMessage(self, `GetObjectMethodPrefix() $ `message)
`define LogMessage(message) class'LibraryMessage'.static.LogMessage(`GetObjectMethodPrefix() $ `message)

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Code Example #1 – Per File Execution Testing

In my projects i often come across or up with cute pieces of code that i think may be interesting to others. Instead of hoarding i will be posting them (possibly in sub pieces) so you can take part in the fun.

Todays Fragment: Per File Execution Testing

You can use this piece of code to test the file being executed and perform unit testing or output debug information as necessary. It can also, as is being used here, be used to redirect the user away from executing this page.

    header('Location: http://gneupaste.gneu.org/');

I dont think the exit is entirely necessary, but it may be dependent upon the server’s configuration.

GneuManager Milestones screaming into view…

I have had a very significant weekend to report about, namely in regards to GneuManager, but also a quick note about another of my projects. I got a couple emails this fine day asking about GneuManager being used, publicly, and I am letting you all know here and now that I intend to keep GneuManager Free to use for as long as the net allows. I have no plans to monetize it as of yet, and actually find the subject a bit revolting, however, I recognize that there need to be some means to pay for the site and all of the time that I put into these things, so be aware that in the future some of the apps I build may become monetized.

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