Integrating V8 Into {Insert your C++ Windows Application Here}

V8_JavaScript_engine_logoI have been absolutely enthralled with Javascript for the last two or so years. Node.js and V8 in particular, but over the last 2-4 years I have put time aside to bind in the three major C# implementations of javascript {Jint, Javascript.NET, Jurassic} into applications that didn’t even need to have scripting languages supported. Needless to say, it has been a bit of a challenge of mine to implement JS wherever I have been working.

This may be because I am currently working as ┬áMobile JS Engineer, but there is really something about JS that makes me smile. Something about the way the code flows and how I have to think to get things done makes me feel like I am achieving something amazing – even when all I am doing is pooping out a stupid express app to maintain a user list or something.

Either way, Integrating V8 is NOT as straight forward as I would like. As such, here is what I had to do to get V8 to integrate into a C++ application I am working on. Be aware that this is not for the faint of heart, it will take some determination if you are a novice.

And if you aren’t a novice – what the hell are you doing reading tutorials!? Continue reading “Integrating V8 Into {Insert your C++ Windows Application Here}”