Mod Switch – Configuration Walkthrough

UT3 Logo In the previous installment we took the time to get our directory structure set up and orient ourselves toward creating a stand-alone mod. We discussed some guidelines and described many of the standards that will be used throughout this guide. If you need to brush up before we get too far into this please do so now. This stage in the guide is going to take things a step further as we begin filling in the directories with the details that allow our mod to be executed and cleanly executed using the mod switch.

One thing standing between us and a mod switch is the configuration directory. When you use the Mod-switch you are actually just giving UT3 a few new configuration files and from there it goes nuts. You could literally have your packages and maps strewn throughout your hard drives if you chose to. I would strongly urge you to keep things simple, sticking instead to the structure dictated in the previous post, but for now I am going to try to get your mod directory setup.

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Mod Switch – Introduction & First Steps

UT3 LogoEpic’s 1.3 update to Unreal Tournament 3 finally opened a door for mod developers, relieving us of having to worry about things such as accidentally overwriting another mods packages or having our mods packages overwritten, mod distribution, localization and so forth. This update is called a mod switch. There have already been a few attempts to get this working, but by and large they are just not filling the holes that we developers have. It was pretty clear that a better understanding, and as such a better tutorial, was needed and I hope that I have provided that here.

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