Host Change Checklist

Create New Databases Check
Projects Hierarchy change to Check
Media Wiki Moved Check
Forums Moved Check
Redirection from old host names moved Check
Correct Minor Issues Ongoing
Setup Backup scripts Pending
Configure Uptime Monitoring Pending

Dreamhost is being exceptionally supportive. I am quickly progressing through my todo items and having a pretty good time doing it. I Have some serious respect for any host that allows me to set up a subdomain for my mysql connections =).

Very cool guys.

Manufacturation and why HL2 is done.

this morning I had a meeting with Mike Whitfield, Terry Moenkhaus and I met up, originally intending to meet up with the Iron Grip folks and solidify some of our issues and what not. Well that fell through. They signed someone else and so the topic fell on relief of being able to pull together an idea of our own. We talked for quite some time about what we want to do and unfortunately HL2 is not looking like it should be our focus. Most of the issues with building an HL2 mod are rather simple and hard to ignore, but one overwhelming issue is that there isn’t much that hasn’t been done. I likened it to South Park’s episode about how the Simpsons have already done everything, and they both agreed. We can rehash other game ideas but barring some new idea coming out it just doesn’t peak any of our interests.

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