Code Example

I was doing some thinking the last month or so about how I didnt appreciate the tools and freedoms that Half-Life 2 provided me with. Something about working in CPP made my abilites as a coder quite free and open. I felt so much more challenged and thus motivated to push through and achieve things that were seemingly impossible. 

This last week we had a challenge, write an application that uses as few variables as possible in MASM Assembly that is able to calculate the day of the week that we were born, and as such, allow us to calculate the day of the week that any date provided is. 

Below you will find my solution…

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Languages Span!

I have often been caught in the cross fire of the ongoing and awfully brutal and emotional language wars. I am a C programmer by choice and a PHP/Perl Developer by trade, so I get some of the most heated and misfortunate of the angry or emotionally charged responses from people who just do not know a god damned thing about what they are talking about. Scarier is when I hear absurdities from people who actually do know something about their topic. For some reason they want to stick their toes into my pool and do not like the temperature of the water so they go into a tirade about how I should change the color of the water with some dye and install a heater, oh and the chlorine content is too low or too high and algae will form; who knows, maybe you should add this algae snake as well to keep it from getting to the bottom! I apologize for the extended analogy here but it stands. It is important that Comp Sci. and Developers alike learn at least one thing about languages before they enter the market and end up coding themselves into a corner – There is no such thing as a language level, Languages Span!

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New Feature on the horizon

One idea I have been tossing around for some time now is to have a weekly or bi monthly challenge on the site. Originally I was approached to come up with 45 challenges for Perl developers but I think this will be more fun if things are kept a bit more open, and not alienating specific language or people.

The challenges will range from artistry and graphic design to programming to technical writing to whatever other doors open up in the future, but at this point in time the programming challenges are going to be the focus. The way this is going to work flows as follows. A challenge will be posted on the right hand side with a link to the detailed requirements in the wiki. All entries are to be submitted to an email address as yet to be determined and are to be written in two languages. Depending on the challenge a base language may be chosen, leaving only the second to be determined by you.

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