Gneu Updates – Bring on the Ogre


It’s been a long summer, and I have been quite a busy bee, so please bear with me as we go through the updates to Gneu over the last 3 months.


I turned 24 in may and made the choice to get my life straightened out and headed in the direction I have known it was supposed to be going for quite some time. I am a programmer at heart and intend on making an impact in a few lives by the time my carpals and tunnels give way to old age. My route is going to be game development and as such I have been moving, steadily, towards understanding game engines and architecture in ways I had no idea about only months ago.

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Chronicles of Swallowbush – Changes to a changing world

At the time I was less interested in PHP than I was interested in reading the manual to my printer, but I was charged by a buddy of mine to learn it. He had taught himself what he needed to know in order to build his site, which was by and large much more than I knew. The entry into PHP was indeed a pain, lots of functions to call and very little known about how or why web applications worked, but it was clear to me that I was going to do well after I made my first blog for

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Movement theory step one completed

With some very appreciated assistance from Steven_M64, I have successfully replaced the movement code in HL@, with my own that actually works as I wanted it to, with a simpler interface for the programmer to control it. Now I can add as many stances as I wish without having to recode everything. Check out the video to see what im talking about:


Whats next? good question, and I’d love to tell you but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. G’night everyone.

Classes And Ants, What else is going to happen today?

I did some crazy development last night that you all might find interesting, and had so much fun with it that I forgot to clean up after myself at work. Well, I tell you what, the ants were enough to get my mind rolling in the morning. I spent the better part of two hours fighting it out with the first wave of these fuckers and tore them apart. My desk space was tinted by their blood, my keyboard nearly lost to the maelstrom of water and smashing that went on amidst the fighting, I took a picture which I will upload a little later, but suffice to say that they lost, and so did I.

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