BetterTech + JavaScript (in the form of V8)


As some of you likely guessed, the V8 integration walkthrough was not a one off. I have been growing a pretty healthy appreciation for the JS language and so I put it to the test and started linking it into UE4. This past weekend I sorted out the details of defining objects and linking static methods in that reference those objects, which was far from well documented.

Either way, it is working and committed.

BetterTech development has continued, and I have unearthed a number of very interesting things have come of them. Hopefully I will be able to start talking more openly about the state of things soon.

Changes for Alpha 2


  • Agents need to check in on a regular basis when they don’t have any jobs.
  • Link in V8 with standard placeholder functions
  • Agents need visible meshes
  • Menu – Pause
  • Menu – Settings
  • Menu – Intro


BetterTech – Progress Report

I have just realized that I have been keeping the door to development on BetterTech quite locked down. Development has continued, opening up a few interesting roads and connecting me with a handful of very interesting people. Bravo me!

Alpha 1 is all about world gen, controls and setting up the initial state of the player. Below you will see a summary of the issues that were closed.

Change Log – Alpha 1

  • Redo base models as skeletal meshes to allow for animation later.
  • Start work on a BaseTile Class
  • World Entities Collision Channels
  • Picking of world entities
  • CHEAT – AddCapital & SetCapital
  • Day Phase Controller
  • Block input when in cinematic or in pause state
  • HUD – Display Available Jobs
  • World Gen – Current Property Layout
  • World – Generic Tiles
  • World – Tile Specifications
  • Gameplay – Subtract funds when jobs are completed
  • AI – Agent Job Selection
  • AI – Agents
  • AI – Job Filtering
  • AI – Jobs Listing
  • HUD – Current Time
  • HUD – Player Floor
  • HUD – Player Role
  • HUD – Player Capital
  • Player – Current Floor
  • Player – Add the ability to switch to Build Mode
  • Player – Roles defined
  • PlayerState to retain capital
  • Gameplay – Initial funds granted at random
  • Camera – Mouse scroll wheel to control camera zoom.
  • Camera – Movement Keys move spectator view relative to camera orientation

BetterTech – An OpenGL Project

Finding a new project to capture my interest is always difficult. Firearms is still high on the totem pole, but it is in a market that is saturated and I don’t really have design direction influence so my thoughts have ventured into a market that is neither saturated and the game is under my purview so designing it is entirely up to me, I bring you BetterTech.

BetterTech is an economic simulator where the industry is entirely up to the player. They can choose where and when to build a factory, how the machines are laid out in order to produce a certain good and even allow further configuration at the micro level where they can reach into the machines and configure them to produce goods with better speed, precision or just setup the coloring of the new cog they just produced. Continue reading “BetterTech – An OpenGL Project”