Ruby, oh yea, its on Rails

I nearly forgot yesterday that Ruby has a train following it about. It has been growing in popularity over the last few years as it has become more and more well known as the language used behind a growing number of applications, such as campfire for instance. I have no complaints about it though, its actually a very useful language. My problem, as is often the case, falls on ignorance and the terrible practices of fearing languages.

When someone approaches me and asks me if I know Ruby on Rails I have to answer, quite politely the first time, no. I don’t know Ruby on Rails any more than I do QCodo, PHPCake or any other of the dozens of web frameworks. The attachment of “on Rails” to Ruby has really ruined, at least in my mind, the possible momentum that could be enjoyed by Ruby as has been enjoyed by other languages like, Perl or Python. The fact that these later languages names begin with the letter P should not lead anyone to believe that they are P-opular. All of the languages that I have experience with have their place in my heart and a place in my development practices. From my point of view, pinning “on Rails” onto Ruby weakens the message that many of us have already taken to learning.

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All together now…

Over the last year that I have been coding in the world I have been confused to all lengths by something that seems to be repeated throughout the world, loneliness. No matter where I look I see programmers alone, and they are always in that state, no matter what I have tried to do in regards to bringing in partners or joining others on their projects, It’s a lot like pulling teeth, and its about time it came to an end.

When I was just a nubile programmer, still wearing my baby shoes and sucking my pointer thumb, I was charged with programming an application. The majority of it was child’s play, but things like memory management and file manipulation were driving me crazy. I tried for days to get things sorted but no matter what I did my problems persisted and it was time to find some help. Turning to my best friend at the time, I asked a simple question, “Would you help me with this?” I was stunned by the response, but it didn’t register in my mind for one reason or another. There was nothing I could do to bring this application to fruition; I tried to query a number of people to get some assistance with the app, but to no avail. It was a lost cause, and I was puzzled over it for months.

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