Today in Gneu

I wanted to let you all in on the progress that went on today and this weekend…

The ANChat system is progressing, quite quickly i feel, towards completion. Te banning and unbanning system went in and some other minor issues. It is practically completed. I am actually quite excited and look forward tot he next time that i get to hit it as hard as i did saturday night.

Gneu’s new host is going to be a fantastic relationship. I have been nothing but pleased by the support and performance that i have experienced thus far and hope that it continues as such.

Now for the meat of the news. OMS is being put back on the table.

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This past weekend!

This past weekend was quite hectic. I went hiking, running, went to the mall, and… built out the basis of the new Atheist Nation Chat Engine. This project is my introductory project in use with JQuery publicly and I must say its been fun. The current chat engine has a few more features, but they are slowly being incorporated into the system and I think that it should be usable as a replacement in a couple days (assuming my workload doesn’t skyrocket again).

Atheist Nation Chat Engine Architecture – A lesson in scalability

An application is said to be scalable when it can be expanded to accept further load. There is still much debate over the ability for any particular language to scale, but applications certainly deserve such requirements. I recently was accepted into a consulting and development role for [Atheist Nation] – here after referred to as AN – which is a website that features a crafty chat room that is used for debate, socialization and shooting the shit, but also poses a threat to the stability of the site through what are called raids. Similar to the way a [DOS] works or the so-called [Digg effect], a raid is a massive influx to the site which causes the server to peg its processor and eventually lead to the host either dying or at least being bogged down.

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