Boredom in the classroom?


There is little I enjoy more than a fabulous night with my head against my pillow in a blissful silence or with a white noise generator to keep me from thinking too damned much when I should be resting. I love it because of the warm waves of sleep as my body goes in and out of consciousness. I love it because of the silly thoughts that flood my mind as I do so – I mean who would ever want to try to plug their computer into a WIFI elephant that is swimming in the sun?

Occasionally I like to watch a movie off of Netflix and just bathe in the glow of my television as it tells me a story or shows some silly antics going on in the gulf of mexico (Seriously, taking till August is atrocious and you deserve your stock price).

What I hate is when I get those same waves in the classroom, and even more when I get them in a programming course. I have no problem admitting to anyone that programming is not glamorous, nor do I have to hide the fact that it takes a certain type of person to be able to do what I do. I happen to find the type of problem solving that I deal with quite enjoyable and energizing when it goes well, and I’ve discussed as much before.

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Assembly is definitely tough to work with

A two-dimensional array stored as a one-dimens...

I have been very lax about sharing my experiences with the advanced assembly course, and ill tell you why – I am actually having a tough time and its bothering me. Its not tough to accomplish the projects…

  1. Write an app that calculates the GCD for two integers
  2. Begin work on my own Strings and Output libraries
  3. Continue work on libraries, work with FileIO
  4. Floating point arithmetic & stack manipulation

Overall it has been a lot of fun, learning about the memory interaction and trying to find better ways to work with arrays and heap allocation etc. It is definitely not as simple as some would have it be, but… fun is definitely an appropriate label:

This class is focused on getting beyond the Kip Irvine library and learning about the Windows API, Floating point arithmetic, and memory management. The most recent two labs have been incredibly telling, particularly about the Windows API, and for the record – I don’t like it.

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Getting back into the code

Assembly is allowing my favorite activity to take place, and leveling me off quite well. Efficiency is something that is highly important to me, so when i am given a lab that is about algorithms i become giddy! Todays lab is about calculating the dot product of a multiple dimensioned vector, lets walk through this.

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Code Example

I was doing some thinking the last month or so about how I didnt appreciate the tools and freedoms that Half-Life 2 provided me with. Something about working in CPP made my abilites as a coder quite free and open. I felt so much more challenged and thus motivated to push through and achieve things that were seemingly impossible. 

This last week we had a challenge, write an application that uses as few variables as possible in MASM Assembly that is able to calculate the day of the week that we were born, and as such, allow us to calculate the day of the week that any date provided is. 

Below you will find my solution…

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