New Schedule…

I have been testing out QCodo over the last week and a half with nothing more than a smile on my face when things are created when I tell them to be, and it reminded me of my old days, when I wrote applications from scratch always and wasted who knows how much time trying to create queries and fold data into a format that I was interested in, and of all the things I could do with myself, I never once felt that I was doing too much work…

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Clocks! W007!

I would like to welcome you all to the inaugural meeting of! This day is the first of many that will allow you all to contribute to my site in a manner that keeps you nerds from having to put your necks out and actually be noticed. Email me suggestions about what you would like to see demos of and I will do it, simple as that. If the requests become too numerous ill start a queue and put them up for a vote. As with everything GNEU, I plan to write tutorials for all of the things I pull together.

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My GUI Designer is coming along

I just finished the key values class and its rolling pretty well. Lots of the same features as the one I wrote in C++ but this one I had the honor of designing, and design I did. The class in c# is has dynamic data structures, an array list, sorted list, writing this class over in C++ has been great because I got the chance to put some thought into an old data structure I hadn’t touched in a while.

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