5 Minutes for a Game Engine

I may have a radical view of how life is supposed to continue, but I can’t help it, I am a visionary. My mind is not willing to settle for less than mediocrity and well, SJSU has been shoveling mediocrity ever since I landed. This semester has already proven to be more involved than anything in my past time, and not necessarily all for the bad.

Our first assignment in the game programming class was to research and use a game engine. We were asked to look into things like how they import content, handle collision detection and even a bit on how to build a level in their given editor. This research sparked the previous blog post, because I thought my instructor was putting me on, but lucky enough for me I didn’t have to cover it.

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ACM Presentation – What is it like to work in the industry?

ACM Presentation – Academia v. Workplace by Bob Chatman

Great Programming Labs!

A bug which was debugged in 1947.

Learning to program is difficult without good goals, and academia has been pretty good about making things fun for me. I have been asked to author a series of articles for introductory programmers to get them up to speed and maybe even show them some of the interesting aspects of software development.

Below is a list of interesting labs that i have come across and been asked to do. They are in no particular order, and more than that they are of mixed difficulties. You should be able to implement these projects multiple times and see changes over time as you learn more about programming.

  1. Frequency ChartsCount the frequency of words or characters in a given document, output the chart to the screen/a file as you see fit.