Rift & Nausea & Gaming & Nausea & Porn & Nausea

Back in October of 2013 I made the mistake of watching Gravity and being swept up in the immersive camera work, stunning visuals and overwhelming experience of being lost in space. This lead me, in March of this year, to purchase a Rift, with the intent of building out a game in this universe.

Surely in an industry where walking simulators are becoming a viable sales point, and Carmack is willing to jump ship for the future of gaming – there is a niche for a game about being lost in space, with depth perception.

There were a couple things I didn’t count on – namely, Nausea, nausea and more nausea – but I’ll come back to this.

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Developer Update 3 – General Updates + RELEASE!

When we first started working on this, neither Ken nor I knew that things would get this popular. We are incredibly happy to have so much positive interest in the game, let alone the criticism and support that has been shared. With the praise aside, we bring you Exodus 1.0.3 – Enjoy.

This release includes a number of general tweaks.

Difficulties are now working, appropriately. The values for each are not exactly well tweaked, but its a great leap forward and I hope that further input will give us the input we need to help hone the game into something useful. Be careful on the smaller planets. Your orbit is about 100x more important when you get in closer – hint! hint!

The UI and Visual tweaks that so many of you were happy to see are included in this release. I am still working with our UI/UX engineer to get his mockups into place, so expect a rather significant update in a future release.

Localization support has been implemented. I will be compiling a list of the phrases that we use throughout the game, and given that google is an acceptable tool for some of you – I will be calling on you to help our team localize the game. As it stands the game defaults to english and the mechanics for localization are yet to be integrated – but in due time every language from Aari to Zuni.

Grab the latest release, take a dive into the chaos that is Exodus and let us know what your thoughts are!

1.0.3 DownloadSteamDesura | Forums

JavaScript 101 – Side Effects & Hoisting

Actually, The title should have left JS 101 off, as programming with side effects is always a bad idea, but lets discuss it a bit. Javascript just happens to be in an environment that is exceptionally sensitive to side effects, whether in the form of style modifications, subtle differences between display settings or font changes. 

When building out the SDK I am maintaining, I have tripped over a number of completely fucked components of such nature that need to be ripped out, stuffed into a burlap sack, burned and then tossed off of a bridge into a torrential river – never to be seen again. Unfortunately we are not in a position to be able to conduct such an event without having some characteristically beautiful explosions, probably in someones pocketbook. We are hoping to address them in a rewrite – but that has not quite been scheduled. The truth is, planning such an undertaking is almost as overwhelming as the act of writing all of the test cases to cover the edge cases and make sure that some semblance of regression testing. Hopefully backwards compatibility wont be an issue… but we will see.

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BetterTech + JavaScript (in the form of V8)


As some of you likely guessed, the V8 integration walkthrough was not a one off. I have been growing a pretty healthy appreciation for the JS language and so I put it to the test and started linking it into UE4. This past weekend I sorted out the details of defining objects and linking static methods in that reference those objects, which was far from well documented.

Either way, it is working and committed.

BetterTech development has continued, and I have unearthed a number of very interesting things have come of them. Hopefully I will be able to start talking more openly about the state of things soon.

Changes for Alpha 2


  • Agents need to check in on a regular basis when they don’t have any jobs.
  • Link in V8 with standard placeholder functions
  • Agents need visible meshes
  • Menu – Pause
  • Menu – Settings
  • Menu – Intro


BetterTech – Progress Report

I have just realized that I have been keeping the door to development on BetterTech quite locked down. Development has continued, opening up a few interesting roads and connecting me with a handful of very interesting people. Bravo me!

Alpha 1 is all about world gen, controls and setting up the initial state of the player. Below you will see a summary of the issues that were closed.

Change Log – Alpha 1

  • Redo base models as skeletal meshes to allow for animation later.
  • Start work on a BaseTile Class
  • World Entities Collision Channels
  • Picking of world entities
  • CHEAT – AddCapital & SetCapital
  • Day Phase Controller
  • Block input when in cinematic or in pause state
  • HUD – Display Available Jobs
  • World Gen – Current Property Layout
  • World – Generic Tiles
  • World – Tile Specifications
  • Gameplay – Subtract funds when jobs are completed
  • AI – Agent Job Selection
  • AI – Agents
  • AI – Job Filtering
  • AI – Jobs Listing
  • HUD – Current Time
  • HUD – Player Floor
  • HUD – Player Role
  • HUD – Player Capital
  • Player – Current Floor
  • Player – Add the ability to switch to Build Mode
  • Player – Roles defined
  • PlayerState to retain capital
  • Gameplay – Initial funds granted at random
  • Camera – Mouse scroll wheel to control camera zoom.
  • Camera – Movement Keys move spectator view relative to camera orientation