And now introducing Vimeo!

Happy May Everyone! 9 Days left until the big 25!

Lets start celebrating now! Below you will see a couple new additions to the embedded films category. I have just completed a rewrite of my bracket tags plugin which will soon be available on the wordpress site. I hope to get some popularity going with it, so please keep your eyes open.

If you are interested in the plugin it will be on the software releases soon.


  • Justification
  • Per Video Controllable Width
  • Auto Aspect Ratio Scaling based off of width (Default 4:3 but accepts many others)
  • Text/Blurb hotlink to video’s original host
  • Added Vimeo tag
  • Entirely class encapsulated (no global polution)

Future enhancements may include a configuration menu to control the default maximum width, some form of style additions to the videos, changes to the default messages, etc.