Hatred Pulled from Steam… hmm

For the better part of the last 5 years, there have been complaints about the way that Valve has policed their Steam platform, publishing whatever the hell comes along, passing it on to the consumer at a cost and making money hand over fist. Examples of the trash that has gotten through the silly  fake popularity contest that is Steam Greenlight can be found on pretty much every high profile reviewer/critic around… but this game gets pulled from even the Greenlight process, where it is reportedly 7/100?!


Folks. It’s a fucking game. Sure, its not tasteful or tactful and I wont be buying it but now im pretty much being forced to reach out and support these developers actively, because unfortunately – it isn’t a matter of just publishing a game. This is a matter of supporting indies and ensuring that when or if I build something ridiculous and terrible someone will be around to reach out and support my own kamikaze run.

Take it away Boogie, much love.

Rift & Nausea & Gaming & Nausea & Porn & Nausea

Back in October of 2013 I made the mistake of watching Gravity and being swept up in the immersive camera work, stunning visuals and overwhelming experience of being lost in space. This lead me, in March of this year, to purchase a Rift, with the intent of building out a game in this universe.

Surely in an industry where walking simulators are becoming a viable sales point, and Carmack is willing to jump ship for the future of gaming – there is a niche for a game about being lost in space, with depth perception.

There were a couple things I didn’t count on – namely, Nausea, nausea and more nausea – but I’ll come back to this.

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Project: White A Success!

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 30: A cave troll ...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I am here-by declaring Project: White to be a success. I went out last night and partied like it was 1999. I enjoyed myself like no one’s business, to an extent. You may be wondering how on earth anyone can be certain about such a nebulous term as Success!? What on earth could this guy be talking about? I can hear you all now, “Use a more substantive term”, “Don’t be so presumptive, Sir!” And to these people I say HA!

Project White has had its first troll, and we are absolutely hysterical with laughter. Thanks for the 1 star, and the shitty comment. Good Job, Sir!

This is the first project I have worked on which has a following like it does. Every release is followed by a new wave of viewers with new opinions and more positive reinforcement. I have run into more than a dozen people at my universities that knew about my mod before I had ever talked to them, finding it through ModDB or the UTForums, primarily. My team continues to blow my mind and make me want to push myself even harder to make this project even better. And it continues to evolve, to this day.