the time has come, UT 2007 is here…

Alright folks, Its time to get in gear. This is a call out to anyone and everyone who is interested in working in UT 2007 that I may or may not know. Mike Whitfield and I are already rolling in the UT-iverse and looking for folks who are going to be working in UT 2007 not necessarily along side us but networking. Just as I did with HL2 I plan to do the same or similar things for UT, only this should go a bit smoother as I have had experience with UScript and will probably be abe to pull some shit together quicker.

That said, We need to talk about the future of gneu and how UT development is going to be impacting it.

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About two months ago I had a meeting with Matt & Reiji to the tune of trying to decide what we are going to do with our game. Many topics were thrown about and eventually we decided on going the ogre route and building it independent, but there was something electric in the air. Something about the idea of making mods made our eyes light up, at least mine. You guys don’t really know Reiji too well, but it takes something truly special to get him to let his eyes sparkle at all. We asked ourselves… “What do we do when UT3 comes out?” There are obvious marketing and distribution benefits associated with mod development, considering that if you find that niche it draws people to your site. They see your mod or in the case for UT – Mutator – an ask the all-important question… What else have they done?

Mike Whitfield, unblogged, has taken the opportunity of this release to get the gneu movement rolling and we have an SVN Setup and rolling, I will soon compile a list of possible mutators and mods and democracy will drive our momentum, possibly. We still make final call and will probably choose whatever looks fun to us at that time.

Developer Responsibility

As developers we often forget that users put a lot of trust in us to do not just the most efficient and expedient thing to make sure their experience between landing on our site and finally purchasing those tanned buffalo leather swim shorts is quick and easy, but also to do the right thing with their information. We often fail to scrutinize data properly, adding weak points into our applications and possibly providing the information we have stored to a person with less naive motives. We are on the front lines of data security, although most of us only have a pail and a tooth brush and are not expecting any attacks or unscrupulous users to come our way.

Little do we know, our past is pock marked with horrible events of user security and we need to be prepared. Many of you may not realize how insecure the internet fundamentally is. Two and three factor authentication is now the norm, and VPN is now the only way to conduct any business with anyone on a network. There are worms, and SQL injection and many other forms of malicious entities out there. We cant possibly guard ourselves and sites from them all. The net is fundamentally a battleground; a battle between good and evil that will go on for eternity. Where one man stops and says … “I cannot be hacked!” … another picks up and tears them apart. The only thing we can really do is protect the information so that when we are hacked nothing of any value is lost.

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