The last week’s updates

I have taken the liberty of keeping up with the PHPBB3 Updates, and I have yet to find any aspect of the PHPBB application that is sub par. I am extremely happy with the energy that has been put into it and hope to never be forced to use anything other than PHPBB for website bulletin boards. There have also been quite a few updates to documentation, including more of my poetry being added to the book that is posted herein, and a bunch of new tutorials and documents being added to the wiki. Despite the lack of response from users, gneu is still continuing towards its goals, and will most definitely be continuing this satisfactory feeling that I have been having as of late. Thanks to Mike Whitfield for contributing his tutorials to the HL2 category, and to Enrique for finally directing me towards something that I was comfortable writing a document about. I have also taken some time to update the front page of the wiki and begun the work in fleshing out the game design documentation, in the forums as well as the wiki.

Clocks! W007!

I would like to welcome you all to the inaugural meeting of! This day is the first of many that will allow you all to contribute to my site in a manner that keeps you nerds from having to put your necks out and actually be noticed. Email me suggestions about what you would like to see demos of and I will do it, simple as that. If the requests become too numerous ill start a queue and put them up for a vote. As with everything GNEU, I plan to write tutorials for all of the things I pull together.

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Manufacturation and why HL2 is done.

this morning I had a meeting with Mike Whitfield, Terry Moenkhaus and I met up, originally intending to meet up with the Iron Grip folks and solidify some of our issues and what not. Well that fell through. They signed someone else and so the topic fell on relief of being able to pull together an idea of our own. We talked for quite some time about what we want to do and unfortunately HL2 is not looking like it should be our focus. Most of the issues with building an HL2 mod are rather simple and hard to ignore, but one overwhelming issue is that there isn’t much that hasn’t been done. I likened it to South Park’s episode about how the Simpsons have already done everything, and they both agreed. We can rehash other game ideas but barring some new idea coming out it just doesn’t peak any of our interests.

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My review is complete… now a word from our sponsors

Yes folks, I am done with SharePoint and all that it has to offer me. I have spent the last month and a half since I got my MS Certification to play with their reporting services knee deep in another fantastic concoction of the Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Services… Something aptly named … Wiki. Now, I assure you all that I say aptly as many people would consider sarcastic. Sarcasm is truly appropriate. Meet the new Microsoft Appl; you have all heard of the Macintosh Apple, well this is Microsoft’s response, trying to carve some of the market share away from this other fruit.

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