Deficis Released on Steam

The culmination of about 4 years of thinking, vetting, exploring and writing code, Deficis has been released on Steam for use in simulating one very dark and bleak vision of what the future holds for humanity. You should take it upon yourself to try to survive as long as you can, consuming the most resources as best you can.

You can read more about Deficis here…

Currently the game is in Early Access, investing its time and energy in honing the concepts and optimizing the flow for proper release. As such, there are currently two roles needing to be contracted out…

  1. 2D/3D Artist visuals (Ship, Planets, Stars, Asteroids, Particle Effects, etc.
  2. Artist for sound effects & music.

It is not likely that this will all be one or two people, and depending on the estimates we may end up extending the offers to multiple parties. For those that are interested, please email with your details, links to your portfolio and samples of your work.

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