BetterTech – Progress Report

I have just realized that I have been keeping the door to development on BetterTech quite locked down. Development has continued, opening up a few interesting roads and connecting me with a handful of very interesting people. Bravo me!

Alpha 1 is all about world gen, controls and setting up the initial state of the player. Below you will see a summary of the issues that were closed.

Change Log – Alpha 1

  • Redo base models as skeletal meshes to allow for animation later.
  • Start work on a BaseTile Class
  • World Entities Collision Channels
  • Picking of world entities
  • CHEAT – AddCapital & SetCapital
  • Day Phase Controller
  • Block input when in cinematic or in pause state
  • HUD – Display Available Jobs
  • World Gen – Current Property Layout
  • World – Generic Tiles
  • World – Tile Specifications
  • Gameplay – Subtract funds when jobs are completed
  • AI – Agent Job Selection
  • AI – Agents
  • AI – Job Filtering
  • AI – Jobs Listing
  • HUD – Current Time
  • HUD – Player Floor
  • HUD – Player Role
  • HUD – Player Capital
  • Player – Current Floor
  • Player – Add the ability to switch to Build Mode
  • Player – Roles defined
  • PlayerState to retain capital
  • Gameplay – Initial funds granted at random
  • Camera – Mouse scroll wheel to control camera zoom.
  • Camera – Movement Keys move spectator view relative to camera orientation

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