BetterTech Progress Report #2

In between running tanks in World of Tanks, trying out mods in Minecraft, and of course working… BetterTech has been evolving, although definitely not in the beauty department. As with most everything, the devil is in the details.

Behind the scenes, BT has sprouted chest hairs, in the form of implementing javascript as its scripting engine. The version I chose is called Jurassic. It is not particularly great and is lacking a few features, like events for instance. I am reviewing a few others, like and for better performance and supporting more built in JS features.

I have also started work on agents. Agents are the dudes that do all of the work in BetterTech, ultimately you are an agent. Your job is to do whatever you choose, as discussed earlier. The other agents in the game request jobs, queue them up for the day and go execute the work needed. Currently the only job types that exist are delivery – raw goods are requested by job sites, and the delivery agents move goods between the two points, receiving a nice tip in the process. In the next iteration more jobs will be included.