BetterTech – Overview

BetterTech is a social commentary piece in the form of a 2D puzzle game, tying the innovation in the industrial world to patents and law. You play a worker, a manager or the CEO of your own conglomerate, each with its own requirements, benefits and complications.


As a worker you are responsible for the optimization and operation of the machines in the game. You are challenged to solve puzzles using available widgets within the machines, and then you are expected to be able to maintain the upkeep of that machine. Widgets are either manual or automated, with a related cost to keep in mind when designing.


Managers control the deliveries and shipping of your factory, as well as the minutia of interacting with the workers. Managers are challenged to optimize the layout of your factories, to try to maximize the throughput and keep sales at a maximum. You are able to make suggestions to workers and executives to get them to further optimize a machine, or to decrease the final price for your finished goods, respectively.


Executives manage the business on the whole, controlling the direction the company goes, controlling budgets and price points in an effort to put opponents out of a job, swoop in and steal their workers, and look good in your three piece dress suit. Your day to day involves monitoring the supply and demand of your goods and controlling the flow of your money accordingly.

The goal of the game is to build a successful business. Little more.

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