Helicopter Transport Script – ARMA 3

I have just released my ARMA 3 helicopter transport script on the BI Studios forums. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Current Classifications

  • AH9 – 0 or No Transportation
  • MH9 – 1 or Light Transportation
  • Ka-60 – 2 or Heavy Transportation

Quads and Small boats are class 1, all other vehicles are class 2.

Currently transportable

All boats and land vehicles available in the alpha. Helicopters may not transport each other.

Known Issues

  • Transported vehicles clip through the world.
  • Transported vehicles register the speed of the transporting helicopter.
  • Transported vehicles may be occupied.


RC 1
– Initial Release.

[Armaholic] | [Gneu.org] | [BIStudio]

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