Helicopter Transport Script – ARMA 3 v1.3

Yesterday I pushed out a new update of the Helicopter Transport script, this time with more flexibility and better stability in multiplayer. Check it out on the BIForums.

Changelog V 1.3 – MP Release

  • Corrected incorrect MP behavior
  • Configuration now present in scripts/transport/init.sqf
  • To transport only need to be off of the ground, within 20m and the difference in speed between transport and cargo needs to be less than 3kmph
  • Cleaned up classification && setup of transports
  • No longer using Hints, reports are handed over via Vehicle chat
  • Lots of MP testing Thanks to TF20
  • Corrects red quads being incorrectly classified

3 thoughts on “Helicopter Transport Script – ARMA 3 v1.3”

  1. The script fails to apply on a vehicle after it has been destroyed and respawned. I have followed the steps provided and placed “[_unit] execVM “scripts\transport\classify.sqf”;” in my vehicle.sqf (respawn). I use the same respawning function as the last user and have the latest version of Helicopter Transportation.

    Simple Vehicle Respawn Script v1.81 for Arma 3
    by Tophe of �stg�ta Ops [OOPS]

    Put this in the vehicles init line:
    veh = [this] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    There are some optional settings. The format for these are:
    veh = [object, Delay, Deserted timer, Respawns, Effect, Dynamic] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    Default respawn delay is 30 seconds, to set a custom respawn delay time, put that in the init as well.
    Like this:
    veh = [this, 15] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    Default respawn time when vehicle is deserted, but not destroyed is 120 seconds. To set a custom timer for this
    first set respawn delay, then the deserted vehicle timer. (0 = disabled)
    Like this:
    veh = [this, 15, 10] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    By default the number of respawns is infinite. To set a limit first set preceding values then the number of respawns you want (0 = infinite).
    Like this:
    veh = [this, 15, 10, 5] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    Set this value to TRUE to add a special explosion effect to the wreck when respawning.
    Default value is FALSE, which will simply have the wreck disappear.
    Like this:
    veh = [this, 15, 10, 5, TRUE] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    By default the vehicle will respawn to the point where it first was when the mission started (static).
    This can be changed to dynamic. Then the vehicle will respawn to the position where it was destroyed.
    First set all preceding values then set TRUE for dynamic or FALSE for static.
    Like this:
    veh = [this, 15, 10, 5, TRUE, TRUE] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    If you you want to set the INIT field of the respawned vehicle, first set all other values, then set init commands.
    Those must be inside quotations.
    Like this:
    veh = [this, 15, 10, 5, TRUE, FALSE, "this setDammage 0.5"] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    Default values of all settings are:
    veh = [this, 30, 120, 0, FALSE, FALSE] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

    Contact & Bugreport: cwadensten@gmail.com
    ================================================================================================================== */

    private ["_hasname","_delay","_deserted","_respawns","_noend","_dead","_nodelay","_timeout","_position","_dir","_effect","_rounds","_run","_unit","_explode","_dynamic","_unitinit","_haveinit","_unitname","_type"];
    if (!isServer) exitWith {};

    // Define variables
    _unit = _this select 0;
    _delay = if (count _this > 1) then {_this select 1} else {30};
    _deserted = if (count _this > 2) then {_this select 2} else {120};
    _respawns = if (count _this > 3) then {_this select 3} else {0};
    _explode = if (count _this > 4) then {_this select 4} else {false};
    _dynamic = if (count _this > 5) then {_this select 5} else {false};
    _unitinit = if (count _this > 6) then {_this select 6} else {};
    _haveinit = if (count _this > 6) then {true} else {false};

    _hasname = false;
    _unitname = vehicleVarName _unit;
    if (isNil _unitname) then {_hasname = false;} else {_hasname = true;};
    _noend = true;
    _run = true;
    _rounds = 0;

    if (_delay < 0) then {_delay = 0};
    if (_deserted < 0) then {_deserted = 0};
    if (_respawns 0) then {_noend = false};

    _dir = getDir _unit;
    _position = getPosASL _unit;
    _type = typeOf _unit;
    _dead = false;
    _nodelay = false;

    // Start monitoring the vehicle
    while {_run} do
    sleep (2 + random 10);
    if ((getDammage _unit > 0.8) and ({alive _x} count crew _unit == 0)) then {_dead = true};

    // Check if the vehicle is deserted.
    if (_deserted > 0) then
    if ((getPosASL _unit distance _position > 10) and ({alive _x} count crew _unit == 0) and (getDammage _unit < 0.8)) then
    _timeout = time + _deserted;
    sleep 0.1;
    waitUntil {_timeout 0};
    if ({alive _x} count crew _unit > 0) then {_dead = false};
    if ({alive _x} count crew _unit == 0) then {_dead = true; _nodelay =true};
    if !(alive _unit) then {_dead = true; _nodelay = false};

    // Respawn vehicle
    if (_dead) then
    if (_nodelay) then {sleep 0.1; _nodelay = false;} else {sleep _delay;};
    if (_dynamic) then {_position = getPosASL _unit; _dir = getDir _unit;};
    if (_explode) then {_effect = "M_AT" createVehicle getPosASL _unit; _effect setPosASL getPosASL _unit;};
    sleep 0.1;

    deleteVehicle _unit;
    sleep 2;
    _unit = _type createVehicle _position;
    _unit setPosASL _position;
    _unit setDir _dir;
    [_unit] execVM "scripts\transport\classify.sqf";
    _dead = false;

    // Check respawn amount
    if !(_noend) then {_rounds = _rounds + 1};
    if ((_rounds == _respawns) and !(_noend)) then {_run = false;};

  2. I am going to go ahead and assume you didn’t include the bbcode tags in your SQF and jump straight to the fun and games. Can you please email me your pbo (or a zip of your mission) and the report file (%localappdata%/ARMA 3 Alpha/*.rpt). If your code is identical and it isn’t working either your script is duplicated or the code is being counter acted by other code you included in your mission.

  3. To make this work with respawn you have to edit your respawn script.
    Find a line where it creates the vehicle. _unit = createVehicle ….
    And add this under it: [[[_unit],”scripts\transport\classify.sqf”],”BIS_fnc_execVM”,true,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;

    (The problem here is the vehicle needs to be classified to be able to lift, classifying is done on start up but also needs to be done on every newly crated vehicle)

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