Effective UnrealScript – An Introduction

When I first started out programming the problems I faced were monumental:

  • What is a variable?
  • Why do I need a pointer?
  • For the life of christ, who cares about the differences between stacks and queues!?

Well, here I am some many (many, many) years later and it occurred to me an hour ago that the quality of my complication has increased so much that I don’t even know how to answer those questions well any longer, at least not without drawing. I am about to set out on a new side project to help build upon the concepts that many of us take for granted, hopefully delving into something a bit more involved – what to do once you understand these concepts.

This idea can be considered a continuation point, for intermediate to strong programmers who are looking for the route to advancing their capabilities. I am looking for suggestions and questions to be directly answered, but the general idea is to build out portions of a game with the following elements in mind:

  1. Replication & Multiplayer Concepts
  2. Delegates – The forbidden type
  3. How to leverage Config entries to help add dynamic elements to your code
  4. Debugging without an IDE
  5. Advanced topics in Scaleform, and how to ease your programming work
  6. Web (HTTPLink) & TCPLink transmission
  7. Persistence across servers
  8. Workflow enhancements

I am up in the air about how to handle things, though. I think I will likely do a blog post and then a companion video series (with some assistance from GeoDav if he can spare the time between his recordings). I think that this is a middle grounds, I will not be addressing the “how do I build an MMO” type questions, but I may very well show you how I have been able to create what the WarGaming.Net developers think of an MMO. I have also got a piece mocked up for explaining how to handle persistence across servers, something like DayZ does.

Of course, if there is anything needing clarification please feel free to reach out and comment. Until then, ill be working on something special.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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