Using other peoples work

Okay, sure…reinventing the wheel sucks. When you look at it from the 50 thousand foot view it is nearly always a good idea to build our selves up on top of the accomplishments of others. There is a quote to that point:

What Des-Cartes did was a good step. You have added much several ways, & especially in taking ye colours of thin plates into philosophical consideration. If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants [sic]

Isaac Newton

The only issue is that we aren’t all so lucky to be able to follow amazing minds like Des-Cartes.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with wordpress plugins. In many situations they work, but there is a huge issue with testing and confirming the process before releasing. Only a select few of the plugins I know of even care about testing.

Its really a pain, but I don’t think I have enough time to write the plugins to provide all of the features I want on my blog =

Maybe I’ll figure this out some day.

2 thoughts on “Using other peoples work”

  1. Here’s a phrase I’ve adopted:

    “I’m not reinventing the wheel, I’m just reinventing Facebook – big difference.”


  2. To each their own, i prefer to reinvent the wheel a few times to make sure i understand why it is round, how things relate and how it works in the grand scheme of things. Once i get through with that ill be more educated and able to build off.

    Hell, once you have built one wheel, the whole world seems a bit more mobile.

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