BetterTech – An OpenGL Project

Finding a new project to capture my interest is always difficult. Firearms is still high on the totem pole, but it is in a market that is saturated and I don’t really have design direction influence so my thoughts have ventured into a market that is neither saturated and the game is under my purview so designing it is entirely up to me, I bring you BetterTech.

BetterTech is an economic simulator where the industry is entirely up to the player. They can choose where and when to build a factory, how the machines are laid out in order to produce a certain good and even allow further configuration at the micro level where they can reach into the machines and configure them to produce goods with better speed, precision or just setup the coloring of the new cog they just produced.

There are three levels of interaction that are key to the game:

CEO – Focus on big picture of the company, simply hiring people to achieve goals and taking a cut of the profits.

VP/Managerial – Hire and fire workers, find better opportunities for sales, or machines that can be purchased to improve margins. This level is also where the marketing is handled.

Techinician – Work on the machines at an intimate level, improving the inner workings of the machines and getting paid a premium to provide this vital service.

Each role is important to the survival of any business and it allows for one of the more interesting opportunities to be able to play with friends where each of the people involved would have a key role in the development and evolution of the business. Each role has their own toolkit which the others don’t, making each of the roles important.

The player has control to pick from a number of cities that have differing goods and services available, as well as differing goods and services requested, and it is on the player to translate between them to meet the needs of the world. Goods can be anything from refining raw materials to a more manufactured good like a sofa, and a service could be delivery, banking, technician or media personnel. I am even debating having a hiring agency for odd jobs in the world.

One perk of being a technician is that after they have completed a new machine optimization for a certain factory they can register a patent with the BetterTech BetterPatent toolkit. If that patent is accepted that new machine is able to be purchased from the BetterTech store at a premium price and a cut of those sales will go to the inventor.

I am also planning the game to be extensible, allowing developers to build their own tools, machines, goods and services that can be incorporated into the game at a later time. This is not really a primary focus now, but it will likely become something to note when I finally get things moving. BetterTech is being architected from absolute scratch. I am taking this opportunity to learn the inner workings of OpenGL, 3D Game Engines, Physics and a number of other libraries (images, video, networking, shaders, UI, Input), and as such this will be a bumpy road, but it has already begun and has been going well. My algorithms class has proven much more influential than expected, but suffice to say that optimization is something I plan to take with me to the end of time. I would like to aim for a working demo ready by the beginning of the summer and hopefully working well enough to deserve the sales price by mid July.

As of right now I am going to be the only developer on the project, but I am interested in hearing what others have to offer. This is going to be a compensated gig and should be taken seriously.

You know how to contact me =)