Updated Mono Bridge for BWAPI

So here is the first thing I can release.

For those who don’t know, I am primarily a .Net developer. As much as I enjoy working with C++, I prefer C# for a wide variety of reasons. (Which I won’t delve into just yet.)

So when I found a project by the name of bwapi-mono-bridge, I was intrigued. After downloading it however, I realized that it was built against a much older version of BWAPI, and therefore didn’t work. After fiddling with the code for a while, to no avail I might add, I decided to start from scratch, and recreate the bridge.

I finally finished the bridge about an hour ago, and figured I would post it here for any that are interested. Source will be released sometime in the future.


1) Starcraft 1.16.1

2) Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (express edition should work.)

3) C# Coding experience is HIGHLY recommended


1) Download and Setup ChaosLauncher from here.

2) Download and Setup BWAPI_Beta_3.1.zip from here.

3) Download and Install Mono 2.6.7 from here.

4) Download and Extract BWAPIMonoBridge.zip from here to %StarcraftDirectory%bwapi-dataAI

5) Download and Extract StarcraftBot.zip from here and extract anywhere.

6) Create a new Envirnoment Variable called MonoPath and point it to %MonoInstallDir%bin (XP users see here, Windows Vista/7 is very similar)

*NOTE* Obviously you should replace %StarcraftDirectory% with where you have starcraft installed and %MonoInstallDir% with where you installed Mono in step 3

At this point you can open up the solution from StarcraftBot.zip and start coding. You should change the Post-Build Step to copy your dll into the bwapi-dataAIbot folder for you automatically. And you can start writing your own AI for Starcraft in C#.

Many thanks to dpershouse for creating the original bwapi-mono-bridge, and giving me a reference point.

Feel free to post any comments/concerns.