Day 1 – Same Project, New Ambitions

I have worked in and around Project: White for nearly seven years now. Each incarnation finds its way to the bit bin to be recycled and evolved into the next; each a step closer to a dream of my own; each a stepping stone away from being a photo clerk and toward being a Game Developer. Project: White has allowed me to help define my understanding of fun and beauty as it has moved from my mind into the Source engine, to UT3 and even now as it takes a firm foothold in the UDK. This project is literally undying.

Mike is entirely correct in his assessment of the P:W silence, and it is unfortunate. When you can’t go down to the pub and drop a couple pence to buy your mate a pint of lager it is tough to justify the time we spend working together and it often leads to lapses in priority or drive. We are all human, but the buzz is growing. As inspiring as I may be to those that work with me, it is all too funny to see how the circle completes itself when I get the opportunity to read something as amazing as this. Nano even sent in an application to take part again and made my god damned day. Both of these two are word-smiths of the highest caliber, and I am proud to be able to work with them.

So here we go with work log number one. Tonight I compiled the UDK, set it up properly and began work on the transition. Project: White is a heavy beast to move but I expect to have it moved over in just a few weeks, more on our new release schedule in the future. For now, I’d like to leave you with something interesting and something else very, very, pretty.

Here is a taste of what is coming in the Project White universe:

  • Removing the Third Person View
  • First Person Cover
  • Move to UDK (May lose some assets)
  • Recruitment – To be disclosed at a later time
  • Bug tracker & Transparency
  • Move/mirror on new blog/site as a sub domain of instead of this domain.
  • Code Cleanup
  • Networking overhaul

This list is going to be evolving over time so keep your eyes open and ready for interaction.

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts on the game as it evolves. Oh, and I found this when I was playing around this evening.

UDK 2010-10-03 00-07-05-17

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