Firearms: Source Worklog – August 6th

  • Implemented code behind a number (The Number is 7) of weapons to be potentially included in the 1.1 Release
  • Corrected a couple missing/screwed up references to textures
  • New Default MOTD =) yay for valve and content length limitations that don’t really make sense!
  • Began work on the UI overhaul
  • All weapons begin with full load of ammo now (No more Ammobox runs at the beginning of the match)
  • No more Vollmer Lasers
  • Strafe & Backwards modifiers have been modified
  • Weapon Accuracies modified across the board
  • Weapon Balance continues

Considering mitigating merge mags, instead have the gunnery skill drop all mags that aren’t full and grab new ones.

Who knows how these things will turn out?

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