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Sometimes I can get pretty hard on myself. This usually occurs when my listing of things I’ve accomplished during that day ceases to be a priority and I just do. I don’t want to necessarily toot the horn of amazing things to never ignore, but being able to look over your shoulder and see a long list of items on your whiteboard that have bright red slashes through them is bloody amazing and keeps my smile nice and wide.

The last week is no exception, since it was finals i had a lot of free time (no, I never study for my finals ever) so i spent the time cleaning up my forum, working on Project: White and doing some other maintenance for the site, such as cleaning up my SQL Backup script.

Some of you may have noticed that the forum was taken by spam in the summer of 2007, like houses in the south east are to the swamps, trees and mosquitoes. It was a terrible experience, and I’m sorry I let it devolve. It was tough to get it back without losing posts, but I decided to do something drastic – if you had an account without any posts you no longer have an account on my forum. Sorry, you should have posted something, but that killed ~ 90% of the spam accounts, and sped up the rest of my work.

The next step was 12 fold, having to delete the accounts proved to be impossible; there were some 12000 posts on my forum per the dumb spam bullshit accounts. After two days of trying to work around them i decided to simply delete the posts then drop the 0 post accounts as well. It was tough, but It eventually worked, three days of executing scripts and seeing 500 errors after the script time out occurred. Craptacular, thanks anyways Dreamhost.

So after all of that bullshit… Imagine my frustration when I woke up yesterday morning and saw that the spam bots had TRIED IT AGAIN! 500 accounts in an hour… What douches!

I am proud to say that you all can calm yourselves; I spent a cool hour and a half implementing a couple additions to the forums, including a DNS blacklist and some equivalence to Akismet, which is absolutely unable to be noted as the most amazing tool in all of WordPress. I hope they port over to PHPBB3 soon…

I took some time this morning to install a number of themes, and have made the decision that I may very well spend the time to theme my forum to look like my blog. I have had nothing but supportive comments about this blog theme and I agree, iNove does look amazing and fits my purposes quite well. The only issue is that I have added far too many links on the side panel and I’ll need to clean that up considerably. My apologies guys.

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