Project: White A Success!

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 30: A cave troll ...

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I am here-by declaring Project: White to be a success. I went out last night and partied like it was 1999. I enjoyed myself like no one’s business, to an extent. You may be wondering how on earth anyone can be certain about such a nebulous term as Success!? What on earth could this guy be talking about? I can hear you all now, “Use a more substantive term”, “Don’t be so presumptive, Sir!” And to these people I say HA!

Project White has had its first troll, and we are absolutely hysterical with laughter. Thanks for the 1 star, and the shitty comment. Good Job, Sir!

This is the first project I have worked on which has a following like it does. Every release is followed by a new wave of viewers with new opinions and more positive reinforcement. I have run into more than a dozen people at my universities that knew about my mod before I had ever talked to them, finding it through ModDB or the UTForums, primarily. My team continues to blow my mind and make me want to push myself even harder to make this project even better. And it continues to evolve, to this day.

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