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The latest patch released by Epic corrects a number of bugs, and it also brings with it a number of features. I wont be walking through them, unfortunately, but i will share a couple updates on how they effect the mod switch packaging. Primarily, things lay out the same. If you follow these tutorials you will certainly produce a working mod. The patch allows for some simplified paths and so forth.  Lets go ahead and get into it.

You now have a Splash directory, where you can put any two bmps, named Splash.bmp and EdSplash.bmp, that will be loaded as splash images.

Primarily this patch removes the CookedPC folder. and moves the localization from the published folder out into the root of your mod. You can, of course, put your localization anywhere you want, but the mod switch actually loads things from these same locations automagically. The Unpublished directory is hard coded though. No way to change that.


You can thus remove any references to the paths having to do with the script output and the localization from your ini files.

On the upside, you have one less folder to bother with from now on. The game will still be looking to load the published directory, unless you pass it the –useunpublished flag.

Finally, there is a new flag, –solomod, which ignores non-Epic ini files. There are a number of reasons why you will have problems removing the Epic ini files, but enjoy this step toward your TC Fantacies.

Project: White is having a great day, btw.

5 thoughts on “Mod Switch 2.0 Update”

  1. Having some troubles getting my mod to work with 2.0. Everything was working fine on 1.3, now it crashes right after loading our custom level. The custom front end and menus work alright. I tried recompiling our code and its throwing up errors in classes I have not changed that were working fine. Not really sure where to start looking with this. Any help is appreciated.

  2. I have no idea what could possibly be involved without getting into your mod. I have triple checked my tutorial though, it works fine on 2.0 so chances are there are issues that are in your code, although i wont ever insist that my code is perfect.

  3. First of all, THANK YOU for these tutorials. I am working on a new mod with a small team, and many of us are new to this. You’ve gotten us over on of our big humps of figuring out how to actually start a mod! Seems likke epic might have better directions, but anyway. I’ve had no problems up to this point, and can load our mod, with our main menu and everything. My problem is game types.
    I realize that it’s outside the scope of this tutorial, but I wonder if you (or any readers) might be able to point me in the right direction. I need to control the game type (and mutators for that matter) available in our mod. You should be able to select deathmatch, for example, or CTF, or any other game type that someone may have downloaded another mod for. You should only be able to select our specific game types and mutators.

    Any ideas for where I may find help on this subject?
    Thanks ahead of time.

  4. I just read a typo that is *slightly* important. Near the end, when I said you should be able to select deathmatch – I meant you *should NOT* be able to select deathmatch or ctf, or anything excepts our specific game type. Silly typing. always out to get me.

  5. “You now have a Splash directory, where you can put any two bmps, named Splash.bmp and EdSplash.bmp, that will be loaded as splash images.”

    well THAT makes things easier. And a bit more flashy!

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