Following Suit, Quick and Clean

Happy New Year!

A few updates, and some other parts of my usual diatribes.

The tutorial is still progressing. I got screwed over vaycay by a virus that killed a good chunk of my writings, including two chapters of my book and the latter half of my tutorial in particular. I have recovered my computer to a previous ghosting but I have also received my own install of Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, One Note, Power Point) and am installing the express editions of the new 2008 MSVS, so I think that will be sorted for a while. Having entirely legitimate software is really neat, I have spent the better part of the last three days updating and cleaning up my systems at home. AVG, FRAPS, mIRC and so forth are all installed and I am working back toward my full capabilities.

I am using Word to post to my blog when I don’t need to bother with images, categories, html or anything else that is detail oriented, but its been pretty fun so far to play with Word as a blogging tool. It doesn’t have anything crazy but I don’t have to bother with loading the 90 pages between me and my post button any more. On top of that I am going to be opening up a couple new blogs, via, that will be used to keep my alter egos separated. This blog is going to slowly be evolving into a development exclusive blog as my opinions are posted elsewhere. I am doing this partly for the viewers and partly to keep my public face a bit easier on the eyes.

In other news, I want you all to know that Emiles is not all its cracked up to be.

Take care and please take care of yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Following Suit, Quick and Clean”

  1. hurrah! sweet stuff. i was thinking of doing the same thing myself, but first need to step up the amount of posts in order to separate them. i’m a loyal fan of your blog, but must admit all the programming updates look like strange and foreign inscriptions to my unlearned eyes.

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