The last week has been amazing!

The Mod has taken a couple huge steps forward and uncovered a couple bugs in the mod switch in the process. I successfully incorporated the mod switch last night, so our release is no longer held up by that road block. I spent a good 12 hours on the incorporation and although I’m not entirely satisfied with the way it looks right now, it is nice to be able to say it is ours.

Progress is actually accelerating now. I spent the better part of today cleaning up code and getting ready to start work on some of the other tickets that I will be hammering out this coming long weekend at home. We recruited a new member, Mike Newall who is blowing my mind. He put together a model of our tram in a single evening and even had the presence of mind to add a door where we had neglected one. A very smart cookie!

Our mappers are hard at work on our first map – Push-LightDrive – which is going to be our primary map for the beta release. It is going to include a number of new models so don’t think you are being let off just yet. I have also taken the time to setup the rudimentary website and a UserVoice account to allow us to keep our users thoughts in mind. I will be posting a few images of our tram and map over the next couple days, so keep your eyes peeled.

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