Damn those Children

It has always bugged me that people tend to not watch their children in public these days. Its rather irritating when you are out in public, say eating with a beautiful woman with gorgeous breasts and a fantastically aligned smile, and up walks this little heathen of a child that even would make god scream and run out of the room hysterically pulling tufts of his hair out and wondering why he hadnt waited on setting loose the flood on the world. Well, i am not of his power, but i am of his mind, because i know that we are flawed and this child is a prime example. Drool down his chin; Barbequeue sauce on the bib; Shrill scream just at the right tone to break glasses and of course make common brained adults lose their minds.

Well fuck them. The next child to be obnoxious is going to be stomped. I am not playing games here people. I intend to have my size 13 New Balance trainers up refit to include a five year old child. Hmm, maybe i shouldnt be posting this… lets move on.

I have been hard at work on this mod thing, working along side some very smart people. You may see, in my previous post, that we have a working game. Push and Territorial are both functional and fun. I for one am very impressed with the interaction with this team, comparing it to my history. We are not just functional, but we are also very intelligent, all of us are well versed in our chosen trade.

in other news, Atheist nation has been moving forward quite well. The chat system has been stabilized and we are going to be merging it into the site rather soon. You can test it out by clicking on the link to GneuChat in my projects listing. Give it a try and let me have your feed back.

BACK OFF JESUS!off to work again, gotta update some tickets…

Oh, btw – Brothers in arms – its not much of a game. Its got more cut scenes than titanic did. and titanic was a really long movie.

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