Today in Gneu

I wanted to let you all in on the progress that went on today and this weekend…

The ANChat system is progressing, quite quickly i feel, towards completion. Te banning and unbanning system went in and some other minor issues. It is practically completed. I am actually quite excited and look forward tot he next time that i get to hit it as hard as i did saturday night.

Gneu’s new host is going to be a fantastic relationship. I have been nothing but pleased by the support and performance that i have experienced thus far and hope that it continues as such.

Now for the meat of the news. OMS is being put back on the table.

OMS was originally a military simulation, focusing on immersing the player in the game, but when that fell apart it was very difficult to decide upont he direction that it would go in. Mike and i had devoted a good 2 and a half months worth of our time and energy into making it work and for all intents and purposes it was capable of being released as it stood.

Mike and i met up and discussed our mutual unhappiness with the LotG project (mainly on the grounds of management and lack of progress or organization) and decided that our path had to be more in our control. Instead of moving towards a coup it was more our speed to just swoop up our OMS project and try to fold that into a mod of our own vision. We are currently folding in a couple cool things to make the game fun and plan to release OMS in a couple weeks.

=) Exciting huh!?!

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