Perl for dummies

In the hours of the early morning here at work i enjoy the silence. It allows my mind to unravel the craziness of the previous day and take quiet walks around the office space. Recently i have been noting the books that people have on their shelves, and its odd – many people have the O’Reilly Programming Perl novel sitting up on their desks/bookshelves here. I say this is odd because so many people dont know a god damned thing about perl or have a barely functional knowledge of how it works or how to code in it.

One such example is pertaining to a failed attempt to be a software developer. An application with a “Template engine” that is controlled by the function you run previously. This is one aspect of this application that should let you all know how complicated this has been devised. I am convinced that i could simplify the code base considerably, given the freedom to do so, but alas – i cannot.

Its odd that people purchase or borrow or share books when they are not willing to actually read them. There are a number of very interesting and necessary tidbits that sit just below the surface of Perl that are more than useful; that are more than powerful; that are able to correct code that you have just spent four hours working on instead of reading four hours yesterday. It’s called a Map. Use it.

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