MSRS Issues

My job includes lots of work with MicroSoft Reporting Services, and ive currently run into a hell of an issue. So here’s the process :

  1. Define a report
  2. Hand it to me
  3. Exchange Questions
  4. Create Report
  5. Deploy to Dev and confirm contents
  6. Move to QA and confirm no mishaps { I am now hands off =) }
  7. Move to Production
  8. Users now view report, bookmark and create email subscriptions
  9. Emailed subscriptions are sent out containing either…
    • Link to the document on the server
    • Embedded files with the information
  10. The link allows the user to go straight to their subscribed report

So here is the issue – When a report subscription is submitted that has all of a category selected the report doesn’t want to load. Unfortunately… and go figure this… we dont log MSRS errors =( I am currently in research mode trying to figure this out, but i don’t find anything on the interwebs saying it works any other way.

We’ll see though.

  • Bob

    The problem is related to the URL length. According to the WWW::FAQ MS:IIS has a default length limitation of 16k characters, although this is configurable. Its pretty irritating, however, because the browser itself only forwards 2048 characters along.

    Pretty confusing.