Angie Released, Gneu Host, The Future – 3 great things about life

Last night I started work on an application that is going to have all the features of UnCodex (which has the features of UClasses and UnDox) and is going to become its successor. Of course this means its going to pull time away from OMS but I am confident with my team and our time management skills to be able to continue meeting our goals, if not blowing by them!

Our release on Friday went by with only minor hitches, as we had an exceptionally competent release engineer at the helm (the issue was a minor hiccup and it was quickly fixed.). Our game is out on the web getting played and is ready for craziness to begin. It is our first release as a team and features contributions from five of our ten people, although everyone really had a hand in the release. With Stage6 having gone down it is definitely not a good day in the world. We are without our release video and the methods that have been provided to upload it to other sites just don’t appear to be as high quality. We will of course find something, but in the mean time, go play it!

Briana is being worked on, and we are aiming high, although im pretty sure we will meet it, by and large.

In other news, you may have noticed some changes around here. Yes, I understand your apprehension to changing my layout every couple months, but this one is actually fitting my tastes better, and to pair it with the fact that I have changed hosts finally and you should really be celebrating our victory over mediocrity. GoDaddy is serving its purpose, although I’m not too happy with what I’ve seen overall, I only signed on for a short while and will probably be using this as a stepping stone to move on to greener pastures. Above all else I will say they are very helpful. It appears that their notice – 24/7 tech support – is right on the money. I have opened up four or five tickets and it always gets a response 24 hours after I create it, so I found myself losing my thoughts in between their replies. Thank Keanu Reeves for paper, because it is indeed a bob-send.

Hope you guys didn’t mind me taking February off to focus on my game, as that has evolved much more than anticipated.


Keep your eyes on for further information. Later folks.

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