UT3 Packaging – 94% Complete

Last night was another fabulously productive evening. I spent the better part of the evening implementing the process that I have grown to hate of grabbing all of my mutators’ information and loading it into an application so it could quickly package the release and let me have a simple process again. So far it is really limited, as I have some pretty strict standards and practices that I follow when naming files, but it works – That being the most important thing. Assuming you choose to follow my standards as well you will find it works for you just as well.

So far the requirements are the .net runtime (I am assuming this to be 2.0 but I don’t know. I’m not using any of the nifty tools or anything.) & 7-Zip, and it is quite simple as it had to complement my development process by making things easier, rather than complicating things.

You start the application up and you are provided with a simple interface listing the packages you have available for release. I have dubbed these packages as the name of your mod and as such, everything we do from here out is going to carry that name. I search the Config, and unpublished directories for the appropriate files that match this search string – *{PackageName}.* – and rounds them all up in your temp directory. It then runs 7zip as an archiver on it to create a file called {PackageName}.rar and drops it back in your Temp Directory/UTPackages and deletes the temp directory it created. Since this is clearly not the safest way to have it save your packages I am going to add a couple lines of fluff to allow tweaking of the output directory, directory path to 7zip and I think that’s it. There is a checkbox to choose whether you want to include the source code in your release.

The RAR that is created is ready to be extracted into your UTGame directory.

Of course… {PackageName} is replaced by the name of your package.

Expect a release this weekend, probably Saturday.

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