this past weekend was quite an exciting one

this past weekend was quite an exciting one

Today is my dad’s birthday, I saw some friends I had been neglecting for far too long, and I kick started work on OMS. For those of you who are new to Gneu and our delusions of grandeur I’m sure this would come as a bit of a shock, but we intend to make a game. Not just any game, mind you, but one that is not made for everyone. It is going to be tailored to the concept of emulation of reality. We have quite a few notes about our goals up on the wiki, and I have another 12 paragraphs to add in the coming weeks. Some important links are at the end of this article.

Kicking the mod development off was no easy task, but I bit the bullet and accepted that things needed to be put into motion sooner than later. I am putting every aspect of my own work under the intense scrutiny of public display and intend to keep things that way. This time things are going to be different because I am forcing them to be, in other words. We have no private forums, no private bug tracking utility, no private planning utility, our design document is private. Our SVN has public download access and to top it all off, Every member of this team is going to have access to their own developer blog, although they may not all be as diligent as I am about keeping it updated.

So… the management aspect was put into motion. We also opened up our irc channel. Currently, It’s name is #Gneu and resides on It is a free IRC channel, and for those of you looking to join up from this point forward it would probably be best to bring your asses in here and say hi. We are currently working on getting the channel situated and protected properly before things get too crazy on IRC, as they often do. If you dont have IRC, please take a moment to download mIRC or another one of its clones and come join us.

So far we have 6 team members of note, and quite a few others that have said they are interested in helping the project out, at least in a small way. We are still looking for at least an animator to help bring some of the models to life, but since they are always few and far between, that’s not going to stop us. For now we are sticking to the UT3 models and will simply tweak them as we need to fit our situation. Apart from Myself and Whitfield, here is our cast so far.

Chris {CrysAK} – This guy is really something, you probably wont get the gist of it from me without having to talk to the man yourself. He is a level designer out of the UK. Quite experienced with UEditor and well versed in the UT realm of things. He is what some call an upstanding member of the community.

Kris {slowJusko} – This is the guy I have been striving to be. He has been modding since I was first learning to allocate memory and as such appears to have his feet pretty well set in the world of indy development. Some of his accomplishments include developing for RavenShield as well as modding for every UT engine to be released so far as well as bringing together experience from many other romps in other games.

Dave {Rocknificent} – An extremely talented level developer who has really made some ground in the development community despite still being in high school. He has been working on levels for quite some time and recently took some time to put together a map, over a series of days that has leaped and bounded over others, in terms of popularity.

David {Fubar} – An accomplished level designer/modeler that I only recently met. He has been working with Kris for some time and they are actually joining this team in hopes of collaborating on our ideas. He has also done some amazing things in RavenShield and UT.

These are the developers along side myself, driving me to continue updating this blog and posting on forums. I have been more than inspired to keep my head moving and since I am motivated, I am trying to motivate others around me, sharing the wealth. If you are at all interested in game development and don’t know where to start or if you are interested in game development and know exactly where you want to start, our team is definitely around to help you with that. I have taken quite a few people under my wings over the years and would gladly accept another prodigy/up-n-comer/confused developer looking to get started. The only thing it takes…


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