Project has begun…

This link is directly to our project management app. It is free to use and so forth so if you were looking for a place to manage your own projects this is one of the options.

I am going to begin work on the map entities today. I will update this post with any interesting tidbits that may be useful.

There are also two updates of note. The JumpMod and ServerAdverts have been updated. JumpMod is practically completed. The only bug present is the moonboots reverting to 255 when you double jump when you only have one hop left on them. The server adverts are also at a cross roads position. I removed the message beep sound and hit a bit of a dead end. I am using the LocalMessage class to do the messages in this version, which has the ability to change color, location (only vertically unfortunately), and a few other things. The issue is that the LocalMessage class is used statically and as such relies on the defaultproperties to be set, not the configured colors. Its quite sad i must say. I may find a tweak for them to work, but in the end i will be stuck moving to the Hud so no worries.

Much is in store here, so please stay tuned

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