Developing in Unreal has its perks, and its also got its issues

The last two weeks I have been developing a couple of mutators for Unreal Tournament 3 and although my simple mutator, only about 20 lines of code mind you. It went without a hitch for the first large portion, actually coding the mutator’s effects, but I have tripped up quite badly as of late in trying to get the mutator to work over the internets. This is going to be a journey through a few of my notes on UT Development and quite possibly some thoughts on the matter of comparing HL2 with Source.

My first mutator is called Jump Mod, currently. Its purpose is to allow servers to configure the number of jumps that a player may execute. There is currently an ini file that resides on the server with two variables, the jump as well as the boost that is received through each successive jump, and along side the ini file is the configuration menu for the mutator.

Long story short, it works. Quite well, I might add. I spent about four days tweaking and retesting my code until I was satisfied with its function, and was not questioning why I was coding it as I did. I have been in discussions with another author of a strikingly similar mutator, although it has been to little avail. Unfortunately, I have not been able to wrap my mind around the replication code for the mutators.

It could be such a thing that the code is fundamentally broken. There is already a 1.1 patch for UT3, which does not make me want to set off fireworks because Epic & UT have always been stellar about making releases and keeping things sane in the UTiverse. The quick release of this update has really made me feel a bit leery about the state of affairs herein. I wont pass judgment, yet… but I am not happy about having experienced what I have so far this dev session. The truth is that I am reminded of how scary things were on source right before an engine or code release. The shocking speed that my email inbox would grow immediately after a release/update was a huge buzz kill and I am quite afraid of such things occurring in the coming weeks as I meet more and more developers and get my name out there.

I also had quite a few issues in getting things sorted out, but I will save my issues for a later post. I am already quite behind my goals for monthly posts equaling twenty, but rest assured. Finals are over in 2 days and I will be able to rant once again.

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